What is UltraWall?

The UltraWall app delivers secure communications for any data server within the Access Point surrounded extranet (the security wall). This provides triple-encrypted protection for all internet traffic going to and from your device or computer. UltraWall protects voice, media, database, private web servers, private mail servers, private mass storage, etc.

Detailed Capabilities

Conceptually, the network to be protected is constructed as a perimeter wall, not unlike the moat around a castle of olden days. Additionally, valuable assets were protected in the interior of a castle, with access only allowed through several additional and specific walls and gateways. The UltraWall operates similarly to this concept.

  • Access to the servers that are being protected (e.g. transaction / communication servers, storage servers, etc.) can only occur through an Access Point.
  • Access Points only accept authenticated, encrypted packets from a trusted and known source, and then by extension, protect the functional servers. If the source is unknown, the packets are placed in an isolation zone, and the source of the packets is blacklisted.
  • All accepted network traffic is FIPS 140-2 encrypted within the endpoints (external or internal) defining the encryption keys dynamically. Encryption keys are never shared with endpoints; they are derived. This is accomplished through the authentication of each Functional Server or Access Point running as a Trusted Node, where the Trusted Node is also running with multiple levels of authentication.
  • All servers configured inside the access points are hidden from the internet at large.
  • For speed of deployment, uptime enhancement, and cost management, the preferred deployment of UltraWall is with cloud computing. Optionally, physical Access Points may be deployed on hardware servers within an organizations local area network.
  • Access Points and Servers may reside in global locations convenient to an organization’s requirement.

How it Works

The UltraWall technology prevents hackers and bad actors from infiltrating the triple-encrypted wall protecting the servers and your data in motion. The licensed apps (UltraCom or UltraStreaming) or the NCoded software are only able to communicate with one another through the Wall—unrecognized sources are blocked at the “gates”, or Access Points, and blacklisted to prevent future attempts. The UltraWall technology is protecting your data from end-to-end. At no point during the data transfer is your information vulnerable to attack.