Detailed Capabilities

Situational Awareness

  • Three levels of encryption:
    • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified
    • #2939 & #2947
  • Secures voice, text, data, photos and video
  • Each security session uniquely encrypted
  • No history of content or communications
  • Battlefield simulation confirmed

Communication Issues Solved

✓ Compromised communications
✓ Not knowing the location of your people
✓ Knowing if your people are in danger
✓ Compromised intelligence
✓ Compromised media
✓ Communicate securely with HQ
✓ Works when there’s no local network

Secure Communications

  • Situational awareness – CoT messaging to ATAK & RaptorX
  • Silent duress indicator
  • Send user’s location to another UltraCom user
  • No history of a situational event stored
  • Command & Control Admin:
    • Beacon GPS
    • Front/Back Picture
    • Microphone Activation
    • RemoteWipe Account Information
    • Lock Screen
    • Disable UltraCom

Global Neworking

  • Supports:
    • Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G
    • WiFi
    • Satellite Bgan
    • Private Cellular
    • Private MANET
  • Field MANET agnostic Deployment
  • Infrastructure Implementation:
    • Datacenter
    • Cloud Accounts (e.g. AWS)
    • Stand Alone Field HW
  • Delivers AntiTriangulation in the field
  • Switch accounts between:
    • Work / Personal
    • Battlefield / HQ

How it Works

The app offers three layers of FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encrypted communications between UltraCom users. The encryption begins automatically when a call, text message, picture, or duress signal is sent from one app to another. The Communications Server and Tracking Server are obfuscated from attackers attempting to gain access to the data stream via the Internet. Since the servers only communicate with the UltraCom apps via the Access Points, they are effectively hidden from any incoming attack vectors. Should an attack vector attempt to reach the servers, the Access Point will block and blacklist the source of the attack.