Joe Helfert

Deputy Program Manager | | 256.503.0043

joe helfertJoe Helfert brings to DEFTEC a wealth of knowledge acquired from his continuous and dedicated support of a diverse portfolio of weapons systems and life-saving Warfighter products across a wide spectrum of DoD programs.

Joe Helfert began his highly successful career in the Army during the Vietnam era, and it was during his Army career that he served in a variety of high-impact leadership roles, including:

  • Directing the operations and maintenance of HAWK missile systems in combat (Desert Storm, where he earned the Bronze Star)
  • Supporting the Patriot air defense during its volatile development and initial fielding time frame as it was brought into the force to support the NATO mission of protecting air space in the European theater
  • US Army Warrant Officer, where he acquired his technical and tactical expertise

Joe’s background in the Army, coupled with his leadership skills, was widely recognized as he transitioned into the civilian workforce. He continued to enhance his skill set by adding an in-depth knowledge of acquisition and life cycle logistics as applied to complex systems. Joe’s résumé of supported programs grew to include:

  • The International Space Station, where he led the development of maintenance tasks the astronauts were required to perform
  • Managing the logistics for a broad family of Counter Radio-Controlled IED Electronic Warfare systems where he excelled at providing direct logistical support to the highest levels of Program Management
  • Mobile Air Traffic Control systems, where his full résumé of operational, maintenance, materiel fielding, and sustainment requirements analysis were utilized

Joe brings this full complement of skills, knowledge, and experience to DEFTEC in his role as the person who “finds the holes and fills them”, formally known as the Deputy Program Manager. DEFTEC depends upon Joe to anticipate and recognize potential problem areas across the operations spectrum and address them before they become problematic or disruptive to DEFTEC’s growth. His technical expertise, analytical and communication skills not only support existing customers, but also enable him to assess potential new business opportunities; in this capacity, Joe assists in determining the probability of a successful capture by applying his wide-ranging background and knowledge to the customer’s requirements. As one of the senior management personnel at DEFTEC, Joe is quick to mentor other team members and support their growth within the company. Joe has an adept and valuable understanding of what motivates individuals to bring out their full potential.