Jodi Hamrick

Dir. Resource Management – Administrative Services| | 301.934.8530

jodi hamrickJodi Hamrick is the cornerstone of DEFTEC’s program resource management and administrative services. With over 20 years of business experience, Jodi brings to DEFTEC essential government contracting and small business experience in multiple administrative disciplines from project and operations management, contract management, HR and Resource Management, finance and business administration.

Jodi brings a wealth of proficiency in both government and commercial contract management. As one of DEFTEC’s primary development team she is responsible for DEFTEC:

  • Administrative Policies
    • Timekeeping
    • Benefits
    • Travel
  • Contract Management
    • Funding Management
    • Invoicing
    • Sub-contractor Management
  • Government Proposal / RFP Management and Support

Jodi is an accountable leader of the DEFTEC team. Her tireless efforts often are the deciding factor in DEFTEC’s success and growth. In the start-up, small business environment, Jodi’s skills in providing administrative services to the entire organization delivers the infrastructure needed for a high growth business in a heavily regulated market. Ms. Hamrick’s efforts enable all DEFTEC employees to do their jobs.

Mrs. Hamrick has an MBA from the University of Maryland University College, a BA in English from the University of Miami, and is certified in Project Management.