Heather Brown

Facility Security Officer | heather.brown@deftec.com | 256.715.9901.ext.709

heather brownHeather Brown is DEFTEC Corporations’ Facility Security Officer (FSO), certified by the Defense Security Service (DSS). Heather is responsible for implementing a structured and efficient Industrial Security Operating program for DEFTEC as a Department of Defense Contractor.

She has previously assumed positions of an Administrative Assistant, Program Manager, Empowered Official, Security Specialist, Corporate Security Manager, and Human Resource Assistant in her career. Heather has assisted with Foreign Military Sales, on boarding new employees, managing 200+ cleared employees to include special caveats, travel arrangements for 100+ employees and reconciling expense reports, making sure all personnel having reoccurring contact with children were properly cleared to provide services for Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR)

After spending over a decade, receiving training in the Security profession, Heather has the expertise to keep companies in compliance with mandated regulations to support Government customers. Prior to joining DEFTEC in 2016, Heather mentored DEFTEC and two other DoD contractors while working at Bevilacqua Research Corporation.

Since joining DEFTEC in 2016 Heather has developed and implemented DEFTEC’s Security Policy. Three months into her position at DEFTEC she was audited by the Department Security Service – passing with a Satisfactory rating.

Heather supports our Government team with making sure that information\material is not given to those without a “Need To Know “that could cause grave damage to the United States if so. She also administers security controls for defense related technology mandated by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and the EAR (Export Administration Regulations).

Heather holds an Associate of Applied Science in Administration Office Management, by Virginia College and is certified by the Defense Security Service in Facility Security Officer Program Management.