Training & DocumentationTraining & Documentation

DEFTEC understands that system solutions are of little value to the Warfighter if Training & Documentation (T&D) products are ineffective or delivered late. Our Team works with clients throughout the acquisition cycle to analyze requirements, develop and deliver Training Support Packages, and perform in-depth product evaluations. Our team are experts in the DoD’s requirements and accreditation standards and processes to include TR 350-70, MIL HBK 29612, and the 5000 series. We are certified in TRADOC’s Training Development Capability (TDC) learning platform. Applying the ADDIE method, regular evaluations are conducted to ensure continuous product improvement.

Test & EvaluationTest & Evaluation

Testing plays a crucial role in the design, acquisition, and fielding of new and Non-Developmental Items (NDI). DEFTEC’s experienced Test and Evaluation (T&E) team understands this role well and are involved in all aspects of research, development, operations, and testing. We perform test planning, management, conduct analyses, and provide technical reports according to DoD specifications and requirements. Using the latest automated data collection tools, damage assessment processes, and weapon system databases, and leveraging skills and technologies available as our corporate reach-back, we provide customers a convenient single source for all their T&E needs. DEFTEC is currently supporting the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO), a Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) organization.

Lifecycle LogisticsLifecycle Logistics

Life Cycle Logistics is defined as the planning, development, implementation, and management of a comprehensive, affordable, and effective systems support strategy. DEFTEC understands that Operations and Sustainment (O&S) is the cost driver over the life cycle of a product. We are staffed with DAWIA Level III Life Cycle Logistics personnel who apply the key principles of Product Support Management from “cradle to grave”. Our team ensures the range of Product Support Elements are addressed by all disciplines throughout the acquisition process and continuing into Pre-Planned Product Improvements and on to the “sunset” and disposal phases. We provide full support at each Milestone decision and have authored the full range of documentation required for successful Independent Logistics Assessments (ILA).

Counter-Threat SolutionsCounter-Threat Solutions

DEFTEC understands the mission-critical aspects of identifying the total spectrum of potential threats, which are ever-evolving. We work closely with our customers to identify goals and develop and deliver tailored solutions needed to defeat the broad range of threats Warfighters face. Our ongoing work supporting the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO), a Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) organization, has yielded rapid, life-saving solutions. DEFTEC specializes in analyzing threats, developing timely counter measures and solutions, and documenting, disseminating and archiving critical data for use across all DoD and Other Government Agency (OGA) components.

Rapid AcquisitionRapid Acquisition

DoD 5000.71 requires agile and rapid responses to combatant commander urgent operational needs (UONs), and to recognize, respond to, and mitigate the risk of operational surprise associated with ongoing or anticipated near-term contingency operations. These UONs include joint urgent operational needs (JUONs), and joint emergent operational needs (JEONs) identified by combatant command (CCMDs). Our team focuses on the support of rapid acquisition and deployment of urgent-needs programs within the DoD and Other Government Agencies (OGA), providing solutions in response to our customers’ requirements. DEFTEC understands that threats can evolve overnight and new threats emerge daily. We design our products and solutions to save lives; DEFTEC is well-positioned to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs when facing complex problems and positioning them to respond to adversaries striving to take advantage of rapid technological change

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