Barbara Reeder

CEO, NCoded, a DEFTEC JV |

Barbara ReederBarbara Reeder is accountable for corporate results, R&D, Sales, Services, Marketing, HR and Operations. Ms. Reeder looks for opportunities to structure business to improve profitability, cash management, and revenue growth while exceeding customer expectations for service and product excellence. She founded DEFTEC in December 2012, created the business structure and support systems in 2013 and was awarded DEFTEC’s first Prime Contract with the US Army in 2014. This 3-year $15M contract provided the cornerstone for DEFTEC’s future success. In June 2017 DEFTEC entered into a Joint Venture with several companies under Mr. Peter Rung’s leadership to form NCoded.

Ms. Reeder maintains a strong relationship with the Department of Defense and works many programs that are critical to our nations defense. As a DoD contractor, she is a sought after subject matter expert in Electronic Warfare, Counter-IED, logistics, training, program management, knowledge management and technical documentation. She is a member of Knowledge Management World and currently sits on the S1000D Sea Working Group facilitated by the Navy as well as the S1000D Land Working Group facilitated by the Army. In 2010, she was awarded the 2010 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award for her work with the Navy Program Management Ships 408.

With over twenty-five years of successful experience in sales, marketing and executive management, Ms. Reeder has a solid understanding of the competitive landscape, strategic liaisons for success and market direction of high technology companies. Ms. Reeder held several key positions with Avaya, Lucent Technologies, Siemens Business Communications Systems and AT&T Information Systems in Sales, Marketing and Information Technologies.

Ms. Reeder entered the world of military support in 2005 delivering services to the US Army that provided insight, training and logistical support as we entered a new Electronic Warfare battlespace that required specialized techniques, processes, equipment and training to defeat an ever evolving enemy. Ms. Reeder received recognition for significant reduction in Killed in Action as a result of C-IED program execution which inspired her passion for the EW and C-IED mission.