Government Solutions

DEFTEC Government Solutions was founded on, and is continuously inspired by, the critical missions that save Warfighters’ lives. DEFTEC’s goal is to always support mission readiness by providing up-the-stream solutions to the Warfighters to better enable them to respond to evolving threats.


Enterprise Solutions

DTC Enterprise offers innovative solutions for information development and interactive communication exchange through consulting, collaborative information design, development, management, fulfillment and evaluation for advanced products and systems in complex domains.


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Maike DeMaria, Human Resource AdministratorMaike DeMaria, Human Resource AdministratorDTC
I am impressed with the abundance of knowledge and experience at DTC.
-George Varchetta, Controller-George Varchetta, ControllerDTC
We work hard and have a million things going on at the same time. However the management of the company does provide us with a more than fair opportunity to balance our personal and work life. 
-Jack L. Ezzell, Jr. Founder and Chief Executive Officer-Jack L. Ezzell, Jr. Founder and Chief Executive OfficerZelTech
We have great respect for the DEFTEC team and its many capabilities and contributions, from the CEO to the action officers who are working side-by-side with their ZelTech counterparts on a critical DoD contract supporting our warfighters in action around the globe. DEFTEC  is a valued strategic partner with whom we hope to collaborate for many years ahead. 
-Jodi Hamrick, Director Resource Management and Administrative Services-Jodi Hamrick, Director Resource Management and Administrative ServicesDEFTEC Government Solutions
I have been with DEFTEC for more than 3 years and each day is new and challenging. DEFTEC has always provided me the support and guidance to grow as a professional. DEFTEC management encourages you to share your ideas to contribute in the growth of the organization. It’s a great feeling to be part of DEFTEC Team.
-Bob Jackson, President-Bob Jackson, PresidentDTC
DTC recognizes the value of our connected world and sees opportunities like no other company. Our culture definitely encourages an entrepreneurial mindset.
-Tamas Rasch, President -Tamas Rasch, President DTC Enterprise Solutions
DTC Enterprise provides a uniquely nurturing and supportive work environment, making professional growth and full client satisfaction possible.
-Dani Dunlevy, Administrative Assistant-Dani Dunlevy, Administrative AssistantDTC
Working for DTC has allowed me to help our military in a way that I didn't know I could prior. Now that we have expanded into other fields, we can assist other companies and have products that can help everyone.
-Joanne W. Randolph, President & CEO-Joanne W. Randolph, President & CEOThe Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship
DEFTEC is an outstanding partner for our military community, as well as a supporter of entrepreneurship. As a member of The Catalyst’s Society of 75, DEFTEC is investing in our community and the growth of Madison County. Barbara is a versatile and innovative woman who takes care of her employees, customers and community.